Dell’Arte streaming Carlos Gallegos’ one-man shows

Ten Nights of Award-Winning Shows With Carlos Gallegos

Actor/Director Will Perform One-Man Shows Over Live Stream

BLUE LAKE – Before returning to teach at Dell'Arte International, Carlos Gallegos performed and studied theatre around the world. The actor, teacher, playwright and director studied at Dell'Arte, Jacques Lecoq International School and Le Samovar Clown School in France, and Malayerba School and Teatro del Cronopio in Ecuador, among others.

Described as showing “a mastery of his trade like few others,” Gallegos currently teaches mask and movement at Dell’Arte International School of Physical Theatre. His plays, influenced by contemporary theatre, mime and clown genres, have been featured in several festivals and have received various awards and recognition.

After working with several companies combining theater, circus and physical theater, Gallegos in 2002 founded Teatro de la Vuelta, a theatre company which has developed work in Ecuador, Cuba, Peru, Bolivia, Chile, Argentina, Uruguay, Brazil, France, Morocco, Senegal, Spain, Colombia, Cambodia, Australia, Costa Rica, Italy, Switzerland, England, Germany, Portugal and the United States.

Starting this Wednesday, he's bringing his award-winning solo projects to Humboldt County, albeit differently.

"Plush." Photo by José Fabara

In “Plush,” Gallegos plays a naive, tender and playful clown, reminiscent of Charlie Chaplin. In “Kaleidoscope Neighborhood,” Gallegos plays an anxiety-ridden man plagued by multiple, extravagant fears. See the descriptions below.

• "Plush" – Plush doesn’t want to say anything, in fact, he doesn’t say anything. His life as a circus artist is in decline and elapses into the daily silence that comes from loneliness. Plush says nothing and he does not really do much; what he does is in permanent conflict with nature and technology. Plush says nothing, he doesn’t really do much except a lot of dreaming. He dreams of grand oceanic voyages, going far away by sea, away from his miserable home until he finds a paradise island where everything is possible – except the loneliness.

According to Willy O. Muñoz of Kent State University, “One is awed by the artistry of Gallegos, who, without saying a word, is capable of producing simultaneously mixed feelings.”

Performances will be streamed via Facebook Live Dec. 9 – 13 at 6 p.m.

"Kaleidoscope Neighborhood." Photo by Mateo García

• "Kaleidoscope Neighborhood" – Alfonsito awakes with the intention of going to the store and buying a loaf of bread or two. To achieve this, he must face his multiple and extravagant fears, pretend to be like the others (like the “normal” people), and abandon his meticulously organized but dusty house. He must quickly pass through the empty street avoiding the cynical jokes of his cronies, the melancholy of the street sweepers, and the meeting with his compatriot, Magalita the Machiavellian. But above all, he must avoid the pounding of his heart each time he receives his bread bag.

According to Milenio Newspaper’s Jamie Chabaud Magnus, “The splendid work of Carlos Gallegos in Kaleidoscope Neighborhood brings us to the crannies in the mind of a paranoid: Alfonsito. This Ecuadorian playwright-director-actor puts forth his enormous talents in a stage which is reduced to a chair.”

Performances will be streamed via Facebook Live Dec. 16 – 20 at 6 p.m.

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The Dell’Arte International School of Physical Theatre offers the only accredited MFA in Ensemble-Based Physical Theatre in the world. Its training programs attract students from across the globe, with more than 1,000 graduates from 41 countries since the formation of the school in 1975. It is one of three institutions of higher education in Humboldt County, along with Humboldt State University and College of the Redwoods.


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