Cyclist gets doored on H Street

Emergency personnel assist the victim. KLH | Union

Emergency personnel assist the victim. KLH | Union

The victim's bicycle. KLH | Union

The victim's bicycle. KLH | Union

Union Staff Report

PLAZA – A bicyclist sustained unknown injuries on the Plaza this afternoon, and was whisked away to Mad River Community Hospital by ambulance.

The victim, an adult female, was riding between two parked Arcata Stationers box trucks when a door opened on one of them.

The bicyclist, who wore no helmet, struck the door. Her condition is unknown at this time.




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  1. Tim said:

    We should be so lucky if that percentage of motorists were considerate. The biggest difference is that they are operating a DEADLY machine. Get over it.

  2. Tim said:

    Motorists KILL over 30,000 people a year in this country alone. Your sniveling is severely misplace.

  3. California Conservative said:

    H st in Arcata is so screwed up since the city of Arcata “improved it”. They should have left it alone and maybe traffic wouldn’t be so congested.

  4. California Conservative said:

    So apparently other posters think its ok to break the law since no one obeys all the laws. No wonder why our community (and country) are so screwed up. I agree with you, Arcata bike riders seems especially ignorant or inconsiderate of the rules of the road.

  5. Watcher said:

    Not blaming this person just commenting on how I see bikers act.

  6. Be Polite Next Time said:

    I opened my car door and a bicyclist ran into it in front of Dons. I still feel bad to this day and it was over 20 years ago. As a matter of fact I’m going to buy a bike helmet today.

  7. Be Polite Next Time said:

    Hilarious. You were riding my behind on the highway & when you passed me you gave me the finger. Yes, I was in my car. Just saying.

  8. Red_Geologist said:

    How many times per day do YOU break the laws regarding your car? STFU unless your nose is clean, Barri Boi, cause you are a sanctimonious liar!

  9. Barry Jeffers said:

    Give ’em hell Watcher. Then give it to them again. Only about 20% of bike riders are considerate or obeying the rules.

  10. Ten_of_Diamonds said:

    Are you blaming the victim? I don’t see how your rant about a few rogue bicyclists applies to what happened to this particular bicyclist.

  11. Watcher said:

    Hope she is OK but the cyclist’s act like they own the whole road and play chicken with cars and trucks all the time. I have had several close calls in Eureka and Arcata where they zip down hill and through red lights then give you the finger if you have the audacity to honk at them.

  12. Love Even the Haters said:

    Not to mention the alley that is literally behind that store.

  13. Eleanor said:

    Yeah, it would be nice if delivery trucks were actually making use of the beautiful, expensive lane that was just built for them instead of clogging up the rest of the street. And if they did not insist on making their deliveries during peak commute times. Like how come the delivery trucks always hit northtown and shut down the street in front of hey juan’s at the very busiest times of day? You couldn’t have delivered the beer or cola an hour earlier or later?

  14. solarae said:

    The double parked delivery trucks in Arcata is really getting to be an intolerable situation that has needed to change for a long time.

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