Corrections for April 1, 2018 Edition

COSTLY COCK-UP A front page typo last week inadvertently stated that the price of the May 21 edition was $10,000, not the actual cost of $1. The Union regrets the error, but not enough to issue refunds.

BRAIN FART The From the Publisher column in last week’s paper titled “I’ve got a high I.Q. Do you?” incorrectly stated that the Union’s publisher had been admitted into the local MENSA chapter after he inadvertently read the results of his IQ test upside down, which indicated a substantially different result. The Union egrets the aura.

A COMMON MISTAKE Everything on last week’s Calendar of Events page on B2 was incorrect, as the Union inadvertently published the calendar page from the March 13, 2009 edition of Fréttatíminn, a weekly newspaper in Raykoveck, Iceland. The Union regrets the error.

RECIPE FOR REGRET Due to an editing error, the recipe for “Aunt Betty’s Super Rich, Chocolately Delicious Fudge Brownies” printed in the Union’s Women’s Section three weeks ago mistakenly called for immediately garnishing the brownies straight out of the oven, before they had an opportunity to cool down, with 35 pounds of riced penguin bladders. The recipe should have stated “let the brownies cool, then shake half a cup of sugar sprinkles over the top.” Our apologies to Norma Hastings, who followed the recipe as instructed, as well as members of the Trinidad Civic Club. Get well soon. The Union regrets the error.

BIRTH PATROL Due to a typograhpical error, a baby born March 19 at Mad River Community Hospital was erroneously listed as Zibbernabula DuFrenunculum Überdrelb III. Her actual name is Mary Sue Wilson. The Union regrets the error.

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