Conditions set for Saturday’s Yes We Cann Parade and Hullabaloo

This doorhanger distributed downtown offers event details, including a map of the parade route.

Andrew George Butler
Mad River Union

ARCATA – The City of Arcata has granted a permit for the Yes We Cann Parade and Hullabaloo cannabis celebration which will be held this Saturday, Aug 12 in Arcata.

Sign up and registration for the parade is from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. at a Humboldt State parking lot at 14th and Union streets. The parade begins at 2 p.m. and concludes at 3 p.m. at the Arcata Ball Park, where the Hullabaloo will be held from 3 p.m. to 10 p.m. The event includes music, beer, wine and the sale of medical cannabis for those with valid Prop 215 recommendations.

The permit issued by the city will not restrict the event holder, Humboldt Green, from any of its planned event-day activities.

The parade itself is being promoted by Stephen Gieder of Humboldt Green as a “coming into the light” for Humboldt County’s cannabis community. The city stipulates in the permit that the parade must have “no cannabis product display or distribution.”

The city will allow both a 215 area for cannabis sale, as well as a beer garden in the event. After a review California's existing laws governing the sale of cannabis and alcohol within the same event, the city determined that both may exist within the same event, if both are contained in separate areas, according to City Manager Karen Diemer.

The 215 Area allowing the sale of cannabis will be closed off and contained in “left field” of the ballpark. The event’s no smoking policy will apply within the area as well.

Only persons 21 and older with a valid 215 card will be admitted into the area. Cannabis edibles will not be permitted to be sold within the area.

The beer/wine garden and all consumption of alcohol will be confined to the bleacher area within the ballpark.

After consulting with Alcohol Beverage Control, the city determined “... they consistently issue one-day alcohol sales permits to events that also include cannabis if the event controls the cannabis area with either fencing or a facility that blocks both physical and visual access to the cannabis activity, except by those authorized/validated to enter.”

The event will generate $5,392 for the City of Arcata, and will become what the city hopes to be the first of many events to rent out the ballpark.

Note: Below are the City of Arcata's conditions for the Yes We Cann Parade and Hullabaloo. – Ed.


Yes we Cann- Parade/Concert/Hullabaloo
Streets/Plaza/Arcata Ball Park
Aug. 12, 2017

SPECIAL EVENT CONDITIONS SUMMARY – The following conditions are in addition to the Policies for Special Activity/Event agreed to and signed by the event representative.

General Conditions

All activities must be completed in accordance with State and City laws.
There is no cannabis product display or distribution allowed outside the festival 215 area including during the parade.
All advertising of the event and activities must comply with State and City advertising laws. SB 94 has several relevant sections including
Direct advertising or marketing that uses individualized communication or dialogue must use an age verification method to establish that the recipient is 21 years of older.
Broadcast cable, radio, print and digital advertising or marketing must be designed to reasonably target audiences that are at least 71.6% comprised of persons 21 years or older.
A licensee may not advertise or market in a manner intended to encourage consumption by minors; disseminate advertising or marketing that is attractive to children; or advertise on a sign within 1000 feet of a day care center, K-12 school, playground or youth center. Note: State Licenses are not in place at this time.
SB 94 also recognizes potential First Amendment implications by stating that the advertising restrictions do not “apply to noncommercial speech”.
Alcohol sales must end at 8:00 pm.
Amplified sound must end at 9:00 pm.
All attendees must be cleared from the venue by 10:00 pm.
Applicant is responsible for providing onsite security and signage.
Large sign shall be posted at all entrances to the Event that includes the following wording:
12 Trash Cans & 18 Recycle bins available for Applicant to set-up. Receptacles must be picked-up and returned, emptied and clean to the Southeast corner of City Hall.
Clean-up/Damage Deposit is required $1,000
Applicant must provide 2 chemical toilets plus 1 ADA accessible & 1 Wash Stations in Arcata Ballpark
Ballpark Use Fee (including set-up, event, clean-up Aug. 11-13) Fee $5,392
Submit vendor applications at one time to Finance Dept. 2 weeks prior to the event
Make sure that permits are signed and filled out fully
Permits are distributed to vendors by the event holder
Electrical and stage/platform must be approved and/or inspected by the Building Division during regular workweek. Coordinate stage inspection for Aug. 11th with the City Building Department.
Large event recycling and waste diversion plan needs to be submitted.
Applicant shall provide grey water disposal container for food vendors.
Require that the vendors use grey water disposal container provided by Applicant. Provide education to all vendors to use grey water disposal and not dispose of this water on the ground or in the street or in the park.
Organizers are strongly encouraged to work with Zero Waste Humboldt to develop and implement waste diversion plan.
Please encourage people to use Public Transit (Arcata Transit or Humboldt Transit Authority or encourage people to walk or bicycle.

Parade Conditions

Parade must follow final approved and signed map route (approved Traffic Control Plan).
Public notices must be distributed to all residents and businesses along the parade route one week prior to the event.
All traffic signs and controls must be in place as approved and removed immediately after the parade.
Rolling closures shall close all crossing streets a minimum of 300’ (one city block) in advance of the oncoming parade. Once parade is on the block beyond the crossing the road shall be opened immediately.
Each closure shall consist of 7 cones with a minimum of 5’ spacing at all closed intersections.
The parade is scheduled to end at 9th and F Street. Event coordinator shall work quickly to move participants to inside the Ballpark to clear the road in front of the Fire Department.
Permit holder must secure an encroachment permit from Caltrans, for the 14th Street bridge crossing.
All roads shall be reopened by 3:00 pm.
Permanent toilet (L00) on 8th Street & F Street may be used for toilet requirement for Parade portion of event. Fee for Loo- $100
Applicant shall be responsible to clean the Plaza, Streets, Arcata Ballpark and dispose of all trash the day of the event.
City Staff to deliver trailer with traffic control devices to the Transit Parking lot on 8/11/17– Fee $255
Applicant is responsible to return bollards to original location and Barricades must be picked up and returned to the Transit Lot by 9pm on Aug. 13.
15 ea-“Road Closed Ahead” w/ A- Frames, 3 ea “RTO” w/ A frame, 5 ea Slurry Barricades. 50 cones
Applicant responsible to post signs around Arcata Plaza every 50 feet alerting motorists of Plaza Street Closures during Parade portion of event.

215 Area

The 215 area will have complete controlled access. No part of the 215 area shall be visible or accessible except though designated access points.
All distribution within the 215 area must comply with the State and local laws and limits
There will be no distribution of edible cannabis.
There will be no consumption of cannabis on site including no smoking, ingestion and or vaping.
All transactions must meet the state sales tax exemption between a patient and care provider. No State or local excise tax is required at this time.
Event holder will purchase numbered wristbands to provide control for attendance verification. Wristbands will be issued to individuals approved to access the 215 area.
Qualified patients must be verified for entry and must meet the state laws for validation of a patient including
Must be 21 years old or older, possess a valid Medical Cannabis Recommendation and a valid ID.
The 215 area registration staff will verify each medical recommendation online or by phone.
After the event, the total from 215 area registration will be counted.
Unused wristbands will also be counted.
Cumulatively the total will equate the number of wristbands purchased.
Permit holder will provide the City a numeric recap of the credential history processed through the 215 area and list of any compliance concerns within one week of the event.

Beer/Wine Garden

State law generally prohibits cannabis from being consumed or sold on the same premises as that of the alcohol sales/consumption. SB 94 will prohibit the issuance of a state cannabis license to a premise that serves or sells alcohol. In consultation with Alcohol Beverage Control locally, regionally and at the State level they consistently issue one-day alcohol sales permits to events that also include cannabis if the event controls the cannabis area with either fencing or a facility that blocks both physical and visual access to the cannabis activity, except by those authorized/validated to enter. ABC has reviewed and approved a permit for the proposed design of the Yes We Cann event which through fencing and fabric proposes a separate “215 area” or premise, along the north east edge of the facility. Further, the event proposes to restrict alcohol sales/consumption to an area defined as the bleacher area.

Conditions for the Beer/Wine Garden

Beer/wine sales will be contained within the bleacher area; alcohol will not be allowed to leave the area.
The Beer/Wine Garden will be restricted to those 21 years of age and older.
Alcohol sales must end at 8:00pm.
Applicant must maintain all conditions of the ABC permit.
NO GLASS containers are allowed in the Ballpark.
Wristbands should be used to identify over 21 drinkers.
No outside alcoholic beverages are allowed to be brought into the Park by attendees.

Fire Department Conditions

Provide 2 – 10 foot breaks between booths
Each booth with a cooking device or BBQ’s is required to have an approved 5 lb extinguisher at each booth.
Each booth must have Street Booth Inspection Form completed and booths must be inspected and approved prior to opening to the public.
Existing Fire Lanes and Ballpark Gates must be kept clear at all times.
Emergency vehicles must be given priority right of way
Do NOT obstruct fire hydrants


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