Trinidad Tidings: Commencement ceremony in the seaside village

The happiest news of the week was the Trinidad School eighth grade commencement ceremony.

The 16 graduates drove up in the family cars and wearing caps, received their diplomas from Superintendent-Principal Katie Cavanaugh and teachers Tyler Vack and Margie Cunningham. 

There was a photo opportunity with photographer Cameron Cather in front of the school while community members clapped wildly from a distance. 

Horns honked up and down Trinity Street and the parade of graduates received accolades from residents on their porches on Edwards, Ocean and View streets. 

School Board President Jan West, who lives near the school, had distanced seating for Mayor Ladwig, City Manager Naffah and Councilman West, all of whom were cheering for the Class of 2020. 

Here is the Class of 2020: Erica Homan, Rio Caincay, Miguel Carvantes, Flynn Creighton, Mariah Hall, Emma Sutter, Olivia Wilhelm-Wise, Phoenix Wilson, Violet Miller-Wuest, Evan Dunbar, Evan Fraser, Riley Nordstrom, Jack Segec, Tayveo Free, Beyla Jones and Jasmine Griffin. 

Every participant was smiling. It was a perfect reminder that there can be joy and adaptability in the age of the novel coronavirus.

County Public Works busy

Crews from Humboldt County were diligently paving the south end of Scenic Drive, billed the Redwood Highway in 1921-22 when it was constructed. 

No one seemed to mind waiting for go-ahead signaling to pass. The most beautiful three-mile road in the country, with its five public beach access ways but only one-lane in parts, is frightening to drive at times. 

Residents and visitors thank the Trinidad Rancheria for maintaining a mile or so of the road and the county for making what improvements it can on the southern two miles. 

On the Patrick’s Point Drive part of the old Redwood Highway, the county has been working on a section of the road that had slumped near Scotty’s Point. 

 With far fewer cars on the road due to sheltered-in-place orders, it is a fine time for County Public Works crews to be repairing popular scenic routes.

Virtual City Council meeting

Twenty-one interested citizens tuned in to the June 9 Trinidad City Council meeting via Webex.

City Manager Eli Naffah reported that the telecom companies are still working on their new cell tower sites and predict that the Trinidad Head cell towers will come down in the fall.

City Engineer GHD’s stormwater project manager Steve Allen reported that construction work may occur this summer but that COVID-19 related delays could push the project to the summer of 2021.

The city will try to coordinate the stormwater project with the Trinidad Rancheria stormwater work at the harbor and that Government to Government meetings between the City and the Rancheria would be scheduled. 

A proposal to purchase or rent a flashing portable sign for making public announcements was voted down 4-1 by the council. 

City Clerk Gabriel presented another detailed report on the annual City budget for fiscal 2019-20 (new fiscal year begins July 1, 2020). He said that revenues far exceeded projected expenses even with the coronavirus-caused reductions in revenue. 

 It is possible that the city may not have to tap into city reserves in the 2020-2021 budget year, which will experience the loss of the cell tower rent income and other income for half of the year. 

Councilman Dwight Miller presented a long-term plan to improve internet access and promote energy independence for the city during possible future PG&E power shut-off needs. Specific details were not yet available but there was consensus among the council members that Miller’s ideas were sound ones. 

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