College Life Today: My biggest college regret

Celeste Alvarez, Business Admin, emphasis in Marketing. HSU photo

Celeste Alvarez
Special to the Union

HUMBOLDT STATE – Don’t be afraid to push yourself and get out of your comfort zone in college. It can lead you to do great things you never would have imagined before.

In my first three years at HSU, I never joined a club or any resource center. I was extremely closed off and hesitant to do anything outside school and work. That was up until I found out about the MultiCultural Center and applied for a position there.

I had only visited the MultiCultural Center a few times and I wasn’t too familiar with any of the resources and services that they provided. But working here has provided me with great opportunities like putting my graphic design skills to good use.

After being hired, I soon realized what a vital resource this is to many students. They provide free printing, various spots to study, a computer lab, and there’s always food to share in the kitchen. But most importantly, this space provides more than free printing; it provides a safe space for those who may feel lost or simply out of place in the college experience. Many students, especially first-generation students, struggle with this sense of simply not belonging for a multitude of reasons. Those reasons might include the distance from home, the lack of mentorship, or the guilt of feeling like they abandoned their family.

If these students aren’t directed to the right resources, it can be detrimental for the rest of their college career. Centers like these are crucial to for first-generation students and helping them build the confidence that they can graduate from college.

The MultiCultural Center has become a home-away-from-home for me, where I’ve found some great friends to surround myself with who support me however they can. Everyone involved in the center provides a dynamic perspective on the college experience and It’s amazing to see everyone’s passion for cultural diversity come alive. There’s a drive that’s apparent from everyone who comes by, and watching everyone work together towards a common goal is uplifting.

The openness and kindness from everyone at the center have made me feel like I finally belong. It took three long years, and I wish I hadn’t waited so long to get more involved, but I’m glad I’m finally to this point.

Celeste Alvarez is studying Business Administration with an emphasis on Marketing at Humboldt State University. She is one of the students documenting her college experience on social media with Get Ready Humboldt. Find out more at


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