Circus’s animal use protested

Photo by Matt Filar | Union

CREATURE DISCOMFORTS Protesters greeted the arrival of the Culpepper & Merriweather Circus at Redwood Acres Friday.

Organized via the “Boycott Circus Cruelty in Humboldt” Facebook page, the activists both cite the circus’s checkered past with regard to animal treatment, and oppose on principle the use of wild animals for entertainment.

“These wild and domestic animals endure harsh training techniques to force them to perform for the public” said one activist. “They are housed in small quarters with inadequate room to move, and live in unsanitary and inhumane living conditions. While they are not performing, they travel in hot trucks in inadequate living quarters for 32 weeks out of the year, then are forced to perform in 200 towns in 17 different states.”

A Culpepper & Meriweather spokesman refuted the accusations, stating, “Our animals are seen by a vet every 30 days and we’re inspected daily by animal control here in California. Everything we do for our animals is completely legal and we exceed the care that is required by the USDA. Anyone who comes and sees our animals for themselves can tell that our animals are happy and healthy.”




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