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Behind The Curtain 29: Back To School: Learning Up For Legalization – September 28, 2010

“’Participants will leave knowing how to start, grow, harvest, dry/cure and store their own medicine,’” she read. “They’ll show us how to do a small, indoor grow using soil. They even go into the legal ramifications. It says Ellen Komp – the deputy director of Cal-NORML is teaching that one – she’ll go into activism as well. That’s interesting.”

Robert Eckart: The Nature Walk… To The Bank – September 26, 2010

In most parts of the world where I have worked, this might be known as “protection money” and usually stays out of the courts. Now, all this has been allegedly accomplished within the Superior Court system, so it is NOT illegal. Therefore, to an environmentalist, it might not seem so heinous, except that it appears that not a single penny of the huge sums EPIC has beaten out of this county and its inhabitants (however checkered their history), has been reinvested into the environment to repair the actual damage.

Robert Eckart: The Night Letter – September 21, 2010

The surprises were only just beginning, however. The next night, there was a letter submitted to all the local city governments and the county as well, de facto declaring that my little group of volunteers were really trying to open a rail line for passenger service and implied that any city, county, state, company, person or agency would likely get sued if they helped.

Behind The Curtain 25: Green Research? Sign Me Up! – September 1, 2010

“‘Before scientists can determine the extent of the healing properties of cannabis, we must understand what makes some strains different from others.’ Sounds good so far,” she said. “‘…it is often reported that some strains relieve the tremors associated with Multiple Scleroses while other strains make it worse.’ It says the same is true for anti-anxiety and sleep aid uses.”

Letters To The Editor – September 1, 2010

Absolute best in integrity I write this letter in support of Paul Gallegos. I am a former resident of Humboldt County, a businessman who served the criminal justice systems in Humboldt and surrounding Counties for over a decade, and one of Paul’s former business associates. In my 35 years of working on criminal cases as