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Letters to the Editor – April 7, 2010

Taking on a companion animal is a commitment that even people with adequate means should carefully consider. Animals require food, shelter, vaccinations and, inevitably, costly veterinary care. Having these animals’ health and well-being be dependent on the largesse of strangers is unconscionable. It’s a prescription for more of the animal suffering and abandonment we see almost every day in Arcata. The prospect of future pet ownership should be one more motivation for a person to improve her or his lot in life.

Letters to the Editor – April 4, 2010

Yes, believe it or not, I do acknowledge that a huge number of the panhandlers in Arcata are… disreputable characters, overly aggressive, intrusive and even threatening, drug addicts, even trust fund babies who really have no need to be panhandling, etc. But please acknowledge the big picture and the fact that there are many who are not, and our society is currently woefully inadequate in providing for them. The last thing they need is to be further stigmatized, stereotyped and blamed.

Letters to the Editor – March 3, 2010 (Updated to include Feb. 24 letters)

OK, what does the Arcata soundtrack have for theme music? There are any number of Grateful Dead sets that might work and the Marching Lumberjacks/Crabgrass Band repertoire would be hard to argue against (it’s the sound track of my summer!), but how about Pink Floyd’s “Money”: it rocks (like Arcata), but with an edgy seven beats per measure and it expresses our love/hate relationship with the old skid grease.