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Letters to the Editor – May 19, 2010

For future reference, the correct after-hours non-emergency number for highway patrol according to Officer Larson is (707) 268-2000. Feel free to contact them at this number for non-emergency activities relevant to the California Highway Patrol without fear of repercussion.

Letters to the Editor – May 13, 2010

Act to abate fees I am writing to protest the rate increases as proposed in the recent notice. Home owners and renters alike should make sure to send a letter or show up in person at the public hearing at the Arcata City Hall on Wednesday, June 2 at 6 p.m. if they want to

Letters to the Editor – April 21, 2010

Rollin ruins Nursing The proposal to eliminate the Nursing Program at Humboldt State University is just the most recent example of Rollin Richmond’s failed leadership. At a time when we needed an administration that fostered cooperation and a spirit of shared sacrifice in order to find just solutions to our current challenges, Rollin Richmond and

Letters to the Editor – April 14, 2010

It just seems odd that the Eye editor’s letter used “letter to the editor” column space to dismantle opinions expressed in a “letter to the editor.” Isn’t a major function of the “letter to the editor” component of newspapers to serve as a forum for readers to express views on what they read in their newspaper that they do or don’t agree with (in this case the letter-writer whom the Eye editor’s “letter to the editor” targeted had written a “letter to the editor” thoughtfully disagreeing with “So-Called Thoughts” expressed by the Eye editor).