Opinion articles

Bonnie Carroll: Getting Off Pot – July 20, 2010

If marijuana use has become a problem for you or you are using marijuana to treat a mental illness, you would probably benefit from psychotherapy. Many of the therapists in our community can be found listed on the North Coast Association of Mental Health Professionals website at ncamhp.org. You can even search for therapists on this website who specialize in substance abuse treatment if that is what you need.

Letters To The Editor – July 6, 2010

The hilarity of the gags, jokes and physical comedy, the well defined local history, the compelling story line, the poignancy of the characters and their relationship with each other, the deep elucidation of the human condition in all its flawed beauty, humor and pathos — it’s all there, again, in this truly brilliant production.

Bonnie Carroll: Feeding Your Soul – June 30, 2010

Doing things simply because you enjoy them helps balance out all the energy you put into the things you do because you have to. So make sure your life is a journey that you are enjoying and not just something you are trying to get through. Make a list of the things that feed your soul and try to do at least one of them every day.

Letters to the Editor – June 16, 2010

Your partner, Mr. Paul Allen a staff of Microsoft Inc. contacted our office to claim your winning/inheritance fund. Most certainly, your fund has been subjected to various rigorous verifications due to your inability to obey official protocols. He has forwarded us with an affidavit authorizing him to claim the fund as permitted by you to receive the funds. But after rigorous investigation by the FBI & NSA, we found out that you have not submitted the required paperwork – Diplomatic Immunity Seal of Transfer {DIST}, and we decided to contact your e-mail to confirm this development.