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Randy Mendosa: The tough challenges facing Arcata Fire, and why it needs Measure F

Randy Mendosa: The tough challenges facing Arcata Fire, and why it needs Measure F

The Arcata Fire District covers 62 square miles, protecting 37,000 people in the five communities of McKinleyville, Manila, Bayside, Jacoby Creek and Arcata. Three years ago, I joined the Fire District Board of Directors. Nicole Johnson and Rene Campbell are the directors representing the people in the areas of North and South McKinleyville. I along

Paul Nicholson: Taxpayers League fills Voter Guide with Measure F falsehoods and distortions

Anti-F’ers say whatever sounds good, true or not Uri Driscoll does it “again!” I just received my Voter Information Guide.  Here is a quote from Mr Driscoll’s statement under Argument Against Measure F!  He wrote, “Why does there appear to no longer be a deficit in AFD’s ledger? Just last year the failed Measure R

Letters to the Editor, September 23, 2020

Misinformation plagues Measure F We desperately need to pass Measure F this Nov. 3 to keep the communities of Arcata, McKinleyville, Bayside, Manila, and Jacoby Creek safe from fire. These days in California, it shouldn’t take much convincing for one to understand the importance of having a well-functioning fire department serving our community. Although coastally

Arcata Police Association: Don’t defund the Fire Department, vote yes on Measure F

Reality: In the near future Arcata Fire might not be able to go to medical aid calls. Arcata Mad River Ambulance provides outstanding service, but there are just two ambulances at any given time. Who do you want working to save the life of your loved one: well-meaning passerby, a cop or deputy with basic First Aid and CPR, or a well-trained and experienced EMT or medic who does this for a living?

A blight of Measure F falsehoods from a league of extraordinary misleaders

“There is not enough room on this page to address the numerous misleading statements and untruths contained in the argument against Measure F. We are saddened the author has not taken time to learn extremely important facts before taking such a negative position on something as important as the safety of our community.”