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So-Called Thoughts: Why I’m not voting for the two most experienced City Council candidates

So-Called Thoughts: Why I’m not voting for the two most experienced City Council candidates

I’m not voting for the two incumbent Arcata City Councilmembers, and here’s why. Hopefully, in next week’s edition, they or their fans can tell me and you why I’m totally wrong about all this. Because I’d really like to be. First, in praise of Paul Pitino and Michael Winkler. Both have worked hard for the

Sean Campbell: Breaking down the latest anti-Measure F canard

I have read multiple articles in local papers that make personal attacks on the Arcata Fire District (AFD) Administration regarding salaries and how the Administration should make cuts at the top. Many of these articles reference Transparent California, which can be confusing at best.  After writing multiple articles aimed at educating the community about Arcata Fire

Nordic Aquafarms: Addressing fish farm concerns

There are many opinions and approaches to fish farming. Nordic Aquafarms is proposing a land-based facility at the Samoa peninsula in Humboldt County. Nordic’s fully contained design fortunately eliminates many issues and concerns associated with traditional fish farming. Neither the farm nor the discharge will attract sea lice that can affect wild fish Scientists have

Arcata Firefighters: Yes on F, reopen station

Arcata Professional Firefighters Association ARCATA – Since the failure of Measure R in March of 2020, one of the three fire stations of the Arcata Fire District has remained closed due to budget shortfalls. This has inevitably led to significant reductions in service and an unacceptable reduction in public safety. The 15 members of Arcata Professional

Nicholas Som is dedicated to the McKinleyville Union School District

Nicholas Som For the Mad River Union Hello, my name is Nicholas Som. I’m a happily married father of 3 kiddos that all attend McKinleyville Union School District schools. Professionally, I’m a statistician that works on natural resources issues, and I’m also an adjunct professor at Humboldt State University. My family and I love our