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VFP 56 to Trump: Hands off Venezuela

  PLAZA PROTEST Members of Veterans For Peace Humboldt Bay Chapter 56 protested U.S. government meddling in Venezuela during Saturday’s Farmers Market on the Plaza. According to the national VFP website, the organization’s Statement of Purpose promises to “restrain our governments from intervening, overtly and covertly, in the internal affairs of other nations,” and calls

Nordic Aquafarms: Humboldt can play a key role in a global growth industry

Last week Nordic Aquafarms made the decision to pursue final due diligence for a land-based fish farm on the Samoa Peninsula in Humboldt by signing a lease-option agreement with the Harbor District in Humboldt. If our due diligence and permitting goes as we hope, this project will bring major investments, good paying jobs, tax revenue,

Letters to the Editor, February 20, 2019

Charter schools are public schools, by law I am writing to you in response to Daniel Mintz’s Feb. 16 article “School Choice Week Gets Poor Grade.” The article in the Union brought to light some misunderstandings of the differences between private schools and charter public schools that need clarification.  Charter schools are not private schools.

Rambling Jack: Mack Town takes the reins

Something positive and important is happening in McKinleyville. It’s been visible at recent governmental meetings, where residents are showing up in larger numbers. They’re engaged. They’re informed. They’re asking for a greater say in how McKinleyville solves its problems and shapes its future. Take, for example, the Jan. 30 meeting of the McKinleyville Municipal Advisory

Letters to the Editor, Feb. 6, 2019

KHSU lockout a major unsolved mystery “Arcata is not safe for the public after 10 p.m.” This is not an attribution that can be substantiated; yet, this is the message delivered by the administration of Humboldt State (HSU).  What? The reason given for the lockout of the studio of our community radio station (after 10

Letters to the Editor, January 23, 2019: Let change begin with thee, and the sooner the better

Supporting difficult choices “The vibrant diversity of the two previous inaugurations was gone, replaced by what felt like a dispiriting uniformity, the kind of overwhelmingly white and male tableau I’d encountered so many times in my life—especially in the more privileged spaces, the various corridors of power I’d somehow found my way into since leaving

Letters to the Editor, January 16, 2019

Two sides of wetland values The coastal wetland regulations mentioned by Mr. Laird are indeed onerous except it would seem when it comes to coastal dune management.  The filling of protected dune wetlands that follow vegetation removal programs has been happening unregulated and unmonitored for decades.  Ironically, if the plants that have been torn out

Letters to the Editor January 2, 2018

$150K and a task force for the Plaza, crumbs for Valley West According to the Mad River Union, the brand new Arcata Plaza Improvement Task Force has been given $150,000 to “enact whatever solutions on which it may decide.”  Their first public meeting produced a long list of “nuisances” experienced by Plaza users including: drug