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A blight of Measure F falsehoods from a league of extraordinary misleaders

“There is not enough room on this page to address the numerous misleading statements and untruths contained in the argument against Measure F. We are saddened the author has not taken time to learn extremely important facts before taking such a negative position on something as important as the safety of our community.”

Letters to the Editor, September 9, 2020: Basic responsibilities of citizenship that benefit everyone

The census is crucial – please participate  Besides the presidential election and COVID-19, 2020 is also the 10-year point when our entire nation takes the Census.  Since 1789, the U.S. Constitution has required “enumeration” to determine our representation in Congress. Undercounts especially hurt rural areas.  The Census is how we tell Washington how to allocate

An alarming claim, oft repeated, can take hold… but facts are stubborn things

Arsenic facts and fiction I was somehow prescient in my prior letter to the Union editor, communicating some facts about the City of Arcata adding arsenic to our drinking water, when I suggested “Both sides of the fluoride debate can now wave their arms and raise their respective hullabaloo.”  And then there was the Union’s

Letters to the Editor, September 2, 2020: Just this once, let’s make an exception and listen to reason

Will the 2020 City Council candidates continue the neglect of Valley West? I have enjoyed reading the biographies of the many candidates running for the three available seats on the Arcata City Council, and I look forward to those that remain.  Many have said that this is a time for change in Arcata, and I

Letters to the Editor, August 26, 2020

Just say no to the fantasy factories  I am responding to two letters in the Aug. 19 edition of the Mad River Union. The first is “Needless harassment” by Trish “The Dish” Riel. At one level, I understand her frustration with getting a traffic citation from an APD officer for a seemingly innocuous offense rather than