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Peggy Martinez: Change the world for the better, starting with that walkway out front

Dear Reader: I am asking, on behalf of many pedestrians and cyclists, if you are at all able, please remove the blackberries, bikes, cars, bushes and other stuff that is moveable and controllable out of the path of travel in front of your home, business, government or municipal building, park or other place where people

Letters to the Editor, July 1, 2020

We must completely transition to a clean energy economy over the next few decades. If done right, this transition can make our community safer, more prosperous, and more equitable. Achieving these goals will require coordination between all levels of government. We need a green stimulus at the federal level. 

Garth Sundberg: History repeats as organized racism thwarts Trinidad Racheria’s vision

Today our message to the City of Trinidad, HARP, Steve Madrone and others who have made it your mission to stop the Tribe’s development is: educate yourselves, understand that your biases, your prejudice, and your discrimination is just as bad as what happened over two hundred years ago, and what is happening in our nation today. We are committed to our Vision and our pathway forward for future generations. It is our sovereign right.

Sean Campbell: Why is my fire station closed? It’s complicated, and yet simple

If you have not noticed the rotational fire station closures occurring at the Arcata, Mad River, and McKinleyville Fire Stations, you are likely taking the shelter-in-place order to an extreme level.  Most community members have probably noticed a sign in the window of their closest fire station indicating the station is closed due to budget