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Letters to the Editor, December 16, 2020

Letters to the Editor, December 16, 2020

‘Push Pause’ on budget cuts The Humboldt California Faculty Association (CFA) has launched a community-wide petition calling on the broader HSU community (faculty members, students, staff, alumni, and Humboldt residents), to stand in solidarity with HSU faculty against budget cuts. It is our position that the administration should Push Pause on cutting classes or faculty

Humboldt’s hidden crisis: food insecurity

Food for People, the food bank for Humboldt County, has been feeding hungry families in our community for more than 40 years. Normally in the Humboldt community, one in 10 people relies on our services. Because of COVID-19 and the associated economic crises, Food for People is now serving 40 percent more people – including

How a dark money, grassroots greenwash badly backfired on Arcata

This column is a giant exercise in “we told you so,” and pulls no punches. So if that sort of thing doesn’t appeal to you, avert your eyes.  The people of Arcata – and most specifically and sadly, the residents of the Westwood neighborhood – have been thoroughly bamboozled. Led by the nose into supporting

John Corbett: We must acknowledge the history that got us here

Trinidad Rancheria, City of Trinidad, and the Settler Community. For the record I am a member of the settler community, (third generation Humboldter) and I have no financial relationship with the Trinidad Rancheria or the City of Trinidad. The Trinidad harbor was one of the few privately owned harbors in California. The history is that


Letters to the Editor, November 18, 2010

Racial reckoning “Racial Reckoning with the Environment and Community MASS students” takes place Friday, Nov. 20 from noon to 4 p.m. via Zoom. Link: us02web.zoom.us/j/7274848553. Current Environment and Community Masters students have demanded and arranged a virtual meeting with faculty and administration to ensure the structural and interpersonal racism of the department is substantively addressed.

The Union’s 2020 election endorsements

Arcata is poised to make truly deep and substantial change, and emerge a better, more resilient town. With closed storefronts and deep cuts in city staff, the post-COVID recovery phase offers an opportunity to, well, build back better. And to put into practice some of the long-held progressive dreams that pre-pandemic status quos previously rendered