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Letters to the Editor, May 26, 2021

Letters to the Editor, May 26, 2021

Preserve Arcata Bottom (Letter sent to the Humboldt County Board of Supervisors:) Senator McGuire is concerned enough about the drought to call a town hall meeting, and we hope that our Board of Supervisors will also share this concern.  My husband and I live on three acres on the Arcata Bottom, land passed down from

Sharing the beach with Western Snowy Plovers on Memorial Day

Friends of the Dunes HUMBOLDT – Memorial Day weekend is almost here! Enjoying our public lands on this holiday is a way you may choose to honor and reflect on the sacrifices that so many have made for our country.  If you choose to visit our public beaches this Memorial Day, you won’t be alone.


Letters to the Editor, May 19, 2021

Alternatives to vacuous online schlock Now that COVID is at least partly under control and I am fully vaccinated, I have ventured again to begin using public transportation. I am most thankful for this because owning a car, basically, is owning a bottomless pit. That said, while the schedules are a bear, I am managing with

Matthew Marshall: The sun is rising on renewable energy for Humboldt County

This month marks the 4th anniversary of the launch of the Redwood Coast Energy Authority’s Community Choice Energy Program. The central objective of the program since we began providing electricity to customers in 2017 has been to advance the use of renewable resources to affordably meet our community’s energy needs.  Despite the challenges of the

The Arcata City Council’s letter to the Planco re: the Bottoms mega-grow

April 22, 2021 Humboldt County Planning Commission 3015 H Street Eureka CA 95501 SENT VIA EMAIL TO: [email protected] Re: Arcata Land Company, LLC Commercial Cannabis Project Application No. 12255  Dear Humboldt County Planning Commission: The City of Arcata is writing this letter in response to the overwhelming public comment received from Arcata constituents. The Arcata

Margaret Gainer: Conditions leading to recycling contamination

To improve efficiency of collecting more recyclables at the curb, in the early 2000s, many communities changed from source separation of all the materials before set-out on the street, to dual stream.  With dual stream collection, paper and cardboard are sorted from the plastic, metal and glass beverage containers – with further separation after collection