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Letters to the Editor about Measure R, February 19, 2020

If Measure R does not pass, the district will also be forced to terminate the positions of six firefighters. The national standard for the number of firefighters on an engine is four, the California state standard is three per engine. Due to current funding your district can only staff two firefighters per engine. The termination of six firefighters would decrease its ability to effectively manage your emergencies. 

Randy Mendosa: The Measure R fire tax is crucial to sustain adequate protection

Among the many terrible consequences of firefighter layoffs, staffing only two fire stations would have four firefighters covering the entire 62-square-mile district! Additionally, the closure of a fire station would likely affect the district’s ISO rating insurance companies use to set the costs of fire insurance policies for the area.

Letters to the Editor, January 29, 2020

It appears obvious that the spineless Republican Senators will do their best to clear him and he will boast that he is innocent. I am sure that any of them who do actually listen to all of the evidence and votes otherwise will be hearing from him on twitter. He can be very nasty.