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Maggie Gainer: How to talk to your store manager about an uncomfortable subject

Maggie Gainer: How to talk to your store manager about an uncomfortable subject

With increasing frequency, concerned Humboldt shoppers notify Zero Waste Humboldt about unnecessary plastic packaging and wasteful practices at their grocery stores.  ZWH always asks them what the store manager said when they brought it up. Almost none communicate with their store manager. My guess is that they are always in a rush or not ready

Letters to the Editor October 16, 2019

Renewable solution The power blackout of October 9 was a wake up call for Humboldt County.  People scrambling to get basic supplies, waiting in gas lines for hours and those with medical conditions requiring power to run their oxygen machines or refrigeration to keep their medicines cold, panicking.  And we got off easy. Early predictions

Letters to the Editor, October 2, 2019

Drainage painage Can you explain how the drainage works as water flows down Mary to Steenblock Avenue in McKinleyville?  County Public Worls says it’s supposed to drain into the U.S. Highway 101 ditch. Steenblock is a dead end st with a small green belt. You can see in the picture there is no way to

Greg King: Why is Sun Valley spraying toxic chemicals on a new Arcata field?

Don’t be fooled by the expanse of pretty irises growing between Foster Avenue and Bay School Road in the Arcata Bottom.  Earlier this year, Sun Valley Floral Farms sprayed that field with the carcinogen glyphosate (aka Roundup) without adequately informing neighbors, the three nearby schools, or anyone in the densely populated Greenview/Windsong neighborhood of Arcata,

Dakota AndersonSpirit’s Panther Report: Waves of climate change awareness wash over the Plaza

Strikes concerning climate change have swept through the U.S. before, but the Climate Strike is different because it is a global event, dominated almost entirely by students, and inspired mainly by one girl, Greta Thunberg.  Greta is a 16 year old teneager from Sweden most noted for beginning a mass strike at her school and

Letters to the Editor Sept. 18, 2019: So many wrongs need righting, but are we right about what’s wrong?

Clamor for solar When I saw the picture in your paper of tPGE consumed all of page 5 (Union, Sept. 4) alerting their customers (us) of impending Public Safety Power Shutoffs (PSPS) to reduce the risk and damages from transmission line wildfires.  Their only recommendation for emergency electricity production is an operable gas generator. Is

Steve Madrone: Carrots and sticks must guide the cannabis industry to compliance

Concerns were expressed by speakers at the Sept. 10 Board of Supervisors meeting and members of the public about recent Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office raids and the extreme costs and long timelines to get grows permitted. The economy of Humboldt has taken a big hit with the onset of Cannabis regulation, as evidenced by a