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Lights! Camera! Rain! Flea Filming Underway – June 16, 2010

Monday afternoon saw filming action on the Plaza, where various tribe members interact with the public. Another, more ambitious scene will be shot on the Plaza next Wednesday, June 16. That will include a number of extras in a farmers’ Market-like crafts fair, including vendors who participated in the recent Humboldt Arts Festival on I Street. “I can’t wait for that one,” Bowser exulted. “It’s going to be so groovy!”

The Night Strangers Came Knocking – June 3, 2010

I am 73 years old and I suspect there are not many fugitives of that age out there. If they had done just a little simple research of the kind that my wife and I do frequently while pursuing our genealogical hobby, they could have established that we only have daughters and no Stafford grandsons.