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Get ready for the big blackout – March 3, 2010

The weekend of March 13 and 14, power will go out in large portions of Arcata and environs for up to 22 hours, forcing some 6,392 customers to give up today’s popular electrified obsessions such as Friendster and Reba and somehow find comparably interesting off-line amusements.

Gallegos: ‘Vast Change’ is a work in progress – February 17, 2010

Gallegos believes that “first and foremost,” a DA’s job is to be a trial attorney. “You have to lead by example and be willing to try those tough cases, those big cases for the community,” he said. “The people of this community deserve to see me in court – I’m not an administrator, they didn’t elect me to be an administrator, they elected me to make sure this office runs and it runs well.”

‘White Whale’ towed, could return – February 10, 2010

On Wednesday morning, three officers and two Buddy’s workers found a vacant white whale where it had been resting on Seventh Street for months. It has been tagged with months of violation stickers. But the whale did not go easy. A busted hydraulic system, the mechanics spent hours repairing it in order to get it down the street. And then… she was cut loose, prompting cheers from the neighboring businesses.