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HumCo Pot Regs A 'Roach Motel?' – January 18, 2010

“This draft, as you know, is taken from Arcata’s Nip It In the Bud campaign that was written to drive pot out of Arcata and now we want to take the ordinance that drives pot out of Arcata and make it countywide,” he said, adding that doing so will draw patients into “the county’s regulatory roach motel of title queries and property inspections.”

Freezing Cold, Pelting Rain And Nowhere To Sleep – January 4, 2011

Individuals, businesses, school groups, service clubs, other faith communities are all being asked to pitch in with any donation they can muster. Cash is always useful, of course, but so are contributions of food and washable blankets. Donations are tax deductible, should be earmarked “EWS” and may be sent or delivered to Arcata Presbyterian Church, 670 11th St., Arcata, CA 95521, or any of the other participating churches.

A Wet Walk In Arcata's Wild, Working Woods – January 4, 2011

Admittedly a NorCal girl at heart, summers were spent in Laytonville with her grandparents, and she said, “Coming back is like returning home. The forest is my sanctuary, it restores my soul… I feel strongly we must protect and sustain our forests for future generations. My hope for my next four years as a Senator is that I can, in some small measure, contribute to the long-term sustainability of our forests.”