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Deadbeat Days Inn Owes Arcata $130,776.62 – March 3, 2010

Nearly two years of unpaid TOT has built up to $108,000. What’s more, Days Inn is delinquent in over $22.776.62 in unpaid water bills. Considering Arcata’s annual Transient Occupancy Taxes take is some $900,000, the outstanding $130,000 is a major chunk of City revenue. Collection attempts through the firm’s Arcata management have been somewhat fruitless – until Finance received a partial bill payment last year. That check bounced.

Get ready for the big blackout – March 3, 2010

The weekend of March 13 and 14, power will go out in large portions of Arcata and environs for up to 22 hours, forcing some 6,392 customers to give up today’s popular electrified obsessions such as Friendster and Reba and somehow find comparably interesting off-line amusements.