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City Tallies 4-20 Violations, Damage – April 28, 2010

Inexplicably, the campers don’t just leave their garbage, but in what seems like an effort to make it more difficult and unpleasant for the forest workers to clean it up, fling the bottles and plastic food containers deep into tangles of blackberry brambles. At one point, an ES worker stepped in an exposed pile of human feces, releasing a foul stench that hung over the campsite as the crew filled contractor’s bags with the variegated wastes.

Arcata's Park Rangers Rove The Forests' Far Corners – April 15, 2010

At one trash-infested site on the Campbell Creek watershed – an area cleaned out with great effort by Arcata High School students last year and already re-ruined – Stonebarger leaves a business card and written warning on a tent. If the gear is still there the next day, he’ll take it away. As to the enduring mystery of how campers have the energy to carry weighty equipment and food containers uphill into the woods, but neglect to take the emptied or disused materials out when they leave, he has no answers.