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McKinleyville gets rolling on a new BMX track

McKinleyville gets rolling on a new BMX track

MCSD Recreation Director Lesley Frisbee told Orlandi that the next step is for him to gather more information about the cost of obtaining permits for the track from the Humboldt County Planning Department. She said he also needs to develop a budget and timeline for the project.

Vets Hall student feeding initiative opens hunger conversation

“The vets have stepped up with perfect timing to support hungry students,” Carr said. “The vets’ program will benefit the students in Arcata. That leaves two high schools in McKinleyville. McKinleyville High is in the process of developing a food pantry which I’ll support as best I can. Clearly, the current school district food program is not meeting the needs of the hungry students. It’s time the district steps up and makes changes. Changing the current breakfast from 10:10 to before school is a step in the right direction. Hopefully this can happen sooner rather than later. There are hungry kids now!”

Make-up Arcata City Council meetings on Tuesday will pick up where last week’s left off

According to Community Development Director David Loya, there are approximately 47 people that are “highly vulnerable” in the city’s current tenant-based rental assistance program. “There are at least three people who, if not for the program, would be homeless,” Loya said, and who are at risk of losing their subsidy if the application isn’t submitted in a timely fashion.

Human Rights Commission: the time has come for kindness in 2020

Daniel Mintz Mad River Union HUMBOLDT – Humboldt County’s Human Rights Commission is launching a social media campaign to promote one of the most lauded yet at times elusive qualities of communication. ​The Kindness 2020 Campaign was described to the Board of Supervisors at its Jan. 7 meeting by Human Rights Commissioner Lelehenia DuBois. Saying