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Dell’Arte Tragedy, Clown and Thesis Projects go electronic

Dell’Arte Tragedy, Clown and Thesis Projects go electronic

Dell’Arte International BLUE LAKE – Dell’Arte International is expanding its online season by adding a series of student performances to the schedule, including the annual Tragedy, Clown and Thesis Projects. While sheltering in place, students have creatively and collectively adapted these culminating performances of their school year to online media.   “While we can’t offer the

North Coast crab value down, salmon fishing banned

Daniel Mintz Mad River Union HUMBOLDt – This year’s commercial Dungeness crab season is tracking to be on par with last year’s but value took a hit, as live crab exports to China were blocked at a time when demand surges.  And this year’s ocean salmon season will offer little consolation. Northern California’s season is

Steve Madrone: Remember the most vulnerable

There is help out there. Talk with your landlords and make payment arrangements. Most landlords want to work with their tenants. Rent will still be owed but time to pay can be given. There are orders to avoid most evictions during these times. Utilities are also supposed to be left on. There will still be debt but as payments arrive it will get better.