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Freelance Foot-Fondler Foments Falsehoods – September 8, 2012

11:17 a.m. Last year’s podiatrist-without-portfolio has re-emerged, his enduring mission: to fondle the feet of women in Valley West. He’d importuned women to massage their feet using various ruses in the past, and now had a new one. He’d attended some classes at a reflexology center without formally enrolling in the course, but now was approaching women in a Valley West parking lot and offering reflexology treatments in the center’s name.

Melvin-Rich Scenario Collapses – August 18, 2012

9:34 p.m. A man seen peeing on the wall behind a Northtown restaurant was asked to leave. He sort of complied, but seemed unready to make the emotional break with his urine, and just went around the block and came back to further dwell in the vapors of the acrid plume and process his wee bereavement.