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A dinner date with Arcata’s own Spotted Owls

A dinner date with Arcata’s own Spotted Owls

Six times a year, McDowall gingerly wades into the most remote recesses of the forest to observe the owls’ behavior, check their health and note any arrivals or departures. Last week he mounted the first survey of the year in the Jacoby Creek Forest, looking for a nesting pair he first discovered in 2017.

City of Arcata Coronavirus update, Thursday, March 19

Essential services and sectors include, but are not limited to, government functions, agriculture, construction, garbage collection, food processing, restaurants providing take-out services, grocery stores, household goods, convenience stores, home repair, hardware stores, auto repair, pharmacy and other medical facilities, healthcare, post offices, shipping outlets, banks, gas stations, laundromats, veterinary clinics, pet stores, public transportation and hotel lodging.

Shelter in Place order issued for Humboldt

Exceptions will be made for people to seek or provide essential services such as obtaining medical care or supplies, grocery shopping, refilling prescriptions and caring for an ill family member in another household. Individuals who leave their homes for any reason are expected to maintain social distancing requirements of six feet. Read a full copy of the order here.

The HUM: Viral cancellation – musicians unemployed; businesses struggle as world shuts down

Excuse me if the Hum is a bit different this week, we’re living through different, difficult times. Normally I spend the first part of the week gathering information about things coming up in the week ahead so that you make plans. Last week, instead, I was fielding notices of canceled events, one after another.  Pretty