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A Musical Marriage At Mosgo's Tuesday, Oct. 26

A lifelong musician, Small only recently gave all her energy to her own solo career. “I sang to myself in the playpen and have been at it ever since,” she said. After picking up piano in grade school, she studied jazz at Milwaukee School of the Arts. She and Bryan even attended the famed Berklee College of Music together, where they were friends and musical cohorts, but went their separate ways for 14 years afterward.

Cheery Abatement Stickers Brighten Up Hulk-Engulfed Streets – October 5, 2010

6:43 p.m. A superheated citizen aglow with righteous rage let off a coronal mass ejection of resentment over the antics of his neighbors, those punks. As a dispatcher attempted to document his travails, the man railed about the skateboard slamming he’d been enduring. Apparently he’d confronted the noisy neighbs, as an officer arrived to advise him not to engage the neighbors directly and just let cops deal with the noise. Then they endured his crabby complaints that alcohol is legal and that people can enjoy beverages of this nature on their porches, which just isn’t right. He agreed to stay inside and be mellow for the evening, or most likely to stew in silence about the injustice of it all.