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Patti Stammer: McKinleyville Senior Center reopens after holidays

Patti Stammer: McKinleyville Senior Center reopens after holidays

There was a little typo in my last column about the opening of the McKinleyville Senior Center.  I mentioned that the center was opening on the Jan. 6. Oops. Too many holiday eggnogs. We are resumed our regular schedule on Monday, Jan. 13.  Many volunteers and instructors may still be on vacation so please call(

Letters to the Editor, January 8, 2020

It is apparent to anyone in this nation that Donald Trump is a puppet of the last remaining vestiges of the USSR and the old Kremlin, Vladimir Putin and his Oligarchs. Haven’t you noticed that whenever Trump is in real danger of being removed from office, he makes a call and his friend Vlad comes up with a solution. We know he calls Vlad because all his phone calls are monitored and someone always leaks.

Arts! Arcata for Friday, January 10

Arcata Main Street ARCATA – Arts! Arcata, Arcata Main Street’s monthly celebration of visual and performing arts,  takes place Friday, Jan. 10 from  6 to 9 p.m. at locations throughout Arcata. Below are this month’s participating venues: • Moonrise Herbs, 826 G St.:  “Intentions and Beliefs,” Danielle Orr, acrylic paintings; live Celtic music by Good

The HUM: Set up the pins for the Peppers

It was a Friday night, the historic dance/concert at the Arcata Bowl, just after the turn of the century was titled “Our Last Band Bash.”  The oh-so-memorable night featured top indie rock bands of the day playing in a venue that was known as the Pin Room. The “bash” had our current Third District Supervisor