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Your Bigger, Better Local Newspaper – The Mad River Union

Your Bigger, Better Local Newspaper – The Mad River Union

Mad River Union Welcome to the first edition of the Mad River Union. As you know, the Union includes the combined forces of the former Arcata Eye and McKinleyville Press. More importantly, it represents a union with the Northern Humboldt community. The mission of the Mad River Union is to inform, entertain and empower readers

Mad River Parkway Opens For Business

Kevin L. Hoover Mad River Union VALLEY WEST – On Sept. 4, the Arcata City Council accepted the final map for the Mad River Parkway Business Center, a new-from-the-ground-up commercial, multifamily residential, and light industrial development adjacent to a future city park with public access to the Mad River. But the real excitement came last

McDaniel Slough Back To Nature After 120 Years

 Kevin L. Hoover Mad River Union ARCATA BAY – In 1893, ranchers began to dike, drain and fill a “waste land” where Janes Creek met Arcata Bay, and convert the area into cow pastures. Habitat for fish, waterfowl and a multitude of other animals was wiped out as settlers continued to develop Arcata and conquer

Alan Sanborn: This Time, Look For The Union Label

Until a month and a half ago, I feared that I would be writing more of an obituary to fill this space. I had been dreading the end of the Arcata Eye – knowing that I would soon have a much more difficult time piecing together what goes on in this odd little town. Supposedly,