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McDaniel Slough Back To Nature After 120 Years

 Kevin L. Hoover Mad River Union ARCATA BAY – In 1893, ranchers began to dike, drain and fill a “waste land” where Janes Creek met Arcata Bay, and convert the area into cow pastures. Habitat for fish, waterfowl and a multitude of other animals was wiped out as settlers continued to develop Arcata and conquer

Alan Sanborn: This Time, Look For The Union Label

Until a month and a half ago, I feared that I would be writing more of an obituary to fill this space. I had been dreading the end of the Arcata Eye – knowing that I would soon have a much more difficult time piecing together what goes on in this odd little town. Supposedly,

It's Not Too Late To See Late: A Cowboy Song This Friday, Saturday AND Sunday

Lauraine Leblanc Eye Arts Scrutinizer The print version of this review erroneously stated that here remained just one performance of the play. Fortunately, there are in fact still three opportunities to see it at Plays in the Park: Friday and Saturday Aug. 30 and 31 at 7 p.m. and Sunday, Sept. 1 at 2 p.m. playsinthepark.org REDWOOD

Pets Of The Week: Conan Conquors, Wiggle Captures Your Heart, While Hero Puts A Bird On It

Animal Arcata Helen Tozer and Mara Segal Conan is an orange tabby domestic shorthair. He is ten years old and has been neutered. He arrived at the shelter on July 5. Shelter staff said the following about him, “Conan is loving and vivacious. He will enchant you with his friendliness. He has a brilliant marbled

Arcata Police Log: I Feel Snitty, Oh So Snitty, I Feel Snitty And Bitchy And Loud

1:08 p.m. The yak whisperers may have been in particularly ill humor this day, as another citizen reported a clash with them in the parking lot of a 13th Street marketplace. The woman said that her phone rang with an important incoming call and she was just looking at the device – not illegally using it while driving – when the senior yaksman spit in her face as his sidekick reached inside the vehicle and said, “Get off the phone, bitch.”