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Board of Stupidizers news roundup

Board of Stupidizers news roundup

 Callisto Bodoni Mad River Union HUMBOLDT, APRIL 1 – The Humboldt County Board of Supervisors decided last week to make all uses principally permitted in all zones throughout Humboldt County. The decision, part of the board’s never-ending update of the General Plan, will allow anyone to do just about anything anywhere at all hours with

Council spanks mayor, tasks staff, pats self on back

By Maynard-Tiffany Wilberforce K.B. “Theobald” Rhiannon-Sanchez Twimbleton Mad River Union ARCATA, APRIL 1 – In an official proclamation endorsed at its April 1 meeting, the Arcata City Council has formally commanded Mayor Michael Winkler to curtail the over-the-top, flamboyant displays of wasteful excess, rhetorical and automotive, which have become his signature in office. The gangly councilmember

Humboldt Baykeeper launches whaling campaign to counter sea level rise

Narv Neldman Mad River Union HUMBOLDT, APRIL 1 – Humboldt Baykeeper has launched an innovative new program to combat sea level rise, increase local food production and create new jobs through whaling. The effort revives a traditional industry that played an important role in the development of Humboldt County in the late 19th and early

OysterFest 2015 will have everything – seriously, everything

Garamond Minion Mad River Union ARCATA, APRIL 1 – Seeking to reinvent the 2015 Arcata Bay Oyster Festival, director Nancy Stephenson decided to include the most successful features from previous Plaza events. All of them. In addition to the usual oyster-themed activities like the Oyster Calling Contest, food booths and music, 2015 OysterFest will include the Farmers’

City: fix laterals at house sale time

Kevin L. Hoover Mad River Union ARCATA – The City of Arcata creates about two million gallons of drinking water per day, most of which must then be processed as sewage. However, another several million gallons of water infiltrates into the sewage system through leaky pipes, maxing out the wastewater treatment plant and possibly limiting

Arcata Fire, HCSO saves muck-suctioned horse in dramatic rescue

Arcata Fire Press Release Horse Rescue on Clam Beach McKinleyville, CA- (April 2, 2015)- At 5:54 PM Arcata Fire District was dispatched to an agency assist, horse rescue on Clam Beach. The Humboldt County Sherriff Office (HCSO) was requesting assistance with a horse stuck in Strawberry Creek at Clam Beach. Deputies and an Animal Control

Alt-med innovator deleted for dealing double dose of woo

Geneva Sans Serif Mad River Union ARCATA, APRIL 1 – Influential Astrologer-acupuncturist Dr. Aura-Dora Angora Sparklefeather has had her alternative medical license revoked and all office dreamcatchers and candles recalled over questionable practices. Sparklefeather, who does a weekly radio segment for KHSU-BBC, was bounced for hybridizing two incompatible alt-med-psych practices. “Everyone knows you risk the