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Freeway paint bombing proves pernicious new pollution

Freeway paint bombing proves pernicious new pollution

Kevin L. Hoover Mad River Union HUMBOLDT –  You may have seen the explosions of paint on the freeway bridge over the Eureka Slough just outside Eureka. Drive up or down U.S. Highway 101 from points south, and you’ll find several more paint-bombed hotspots. One, a 101 bridge along the Eel River south of Fortuna, is so thoroughly

Hatchet-wielding man arrested in Sunny Brae after APD officer fires shot, but doesn’t hit suspect (Updated)

Update: Police Chief Tom Chapman said Lavallee was behaving erratically. “His behavior was bizarre before and after,” Chapman said. “I couldn’t tell if it’s a mental health issue or drugs or a combination.” The shot was fired from a distance of about 30 feet. Chapman said the “most of “incident was captured on an APD’s car

Ferrer voices pity for his stabbing victim

Paul Mann Mad River Union EUREKA – Arcata  murder suspect Juan-Joseph Ferrer, 36, testified today, April 29 that he felt a “really deep sense of pity” when he learned that Abruzzi chef Douglas-Anderson Jordet had died from a stab wound Ferrer inflicted in the early morning hours of Nov. 25, 2013. Asked by his defense

Ferrer tells jurors his version of stabbing

Paul Mann Mad River Union EUREKA – The nucleus of the Juan Joseph Ferrer murder case came to light in the courtroom today, April 28 when the 36-year-old defendant testified under oath, “I believe the knife went into his chest when he [the victim, Douglas Anderson-Jordet] was up against me and I pushed him off.”

Dueling surprises at Ferrer trial

Paul Mann Mad River Union EUREKA – The defense immediately called Arcata murder suspect Juan Joseph Ferrer to the witness stand in surprise testimony today, April 27 after the prosecution abruptly rested its case without calling some of its key witnesses. Under questioning by Conflict Counsel Marek Reavis, Ferrer, 36, began by flatly denying statements

Armed hostage-taking report just a Dell’Arte rehearsal

Mad River Union CREAMERY DISTRICT – A play rehearsal brought massive police response this afternoon in Arcata’s Creamery District. APD responded with multiple units to a 911 report of six people being held at gunpoint. It turned out to be Dell’Arte’s class of 2016 MFA students rehearsing Mountains of the Forgotten (see below) in the