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Animal Planet’s Trinidad ‘Hippie Hideaway’ Treehouse

Bryn Robertson Mad River Union TRINIDAD – Tucked away up a backwoods dirt road in a Trinidad forest stands a house unique even by Humboldt County standards. Sixty feet up, the two-level treehouse -dubbed a “Hippie Hideaway” by its builder –comes complete with a composting toilet and kitchen sink. It’s not exactly the simple scrap-wood

Looking Back Unafraid

ARCATA – Friends of the Arcata Marsh presents wildlife photographs by Talia Rose at the Interpretive Center, 569 South G St., as February’s Art at the Marsh. Rose says she has “a passion for stalking and photo-journaling the abundant wildlife and birds that live along our river and beyond.” Of her art, she says, A

Koi Ponds Carved Out Of Creek Zone

Kevin L. Hoover Mad River Union ARCATA – A dilapidated magical fairyland is under investigation by Arcata Police and the state Dept. of Fish & Wildlife. The problem isn’t the ramshackle enchantment, but streambed alteration and possible introduction of non-native species into Janes Creek. Located on land owned by Trinity Baptist Church behind 1443 Stromberg

Third Billboard Goes Down, Vandal Caught On Camera

HCSO Press Release On Monday January 20 at 9:17 a.m., a Sheriff’s deputy began an investigation of vandalism to a billboard.  The billboard had been completely cut down, west side of US Highway 101, 200 yards north of the Bayside Cutoff, Arcata. The billboard in question belongs to CBS Outdoor (Berkley California based) and was

Billboard Battle Brings Claims, Counterclaims, Correspondence

The rickety billboard that bounced back from its Friday flattening. Photos by KLH | Union Kevin L. Hoover Mad River Union ARCATA – Out amid the discarded macaroni salad containers, Carls Jr. cups and spray-painted graffiti tags along U.S. Highway 101 in south Arcata, the culture wars are heating up. Another billboard along the U.S.