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Fresh momentum for Valley West

Fresh momentum for Valley West

“Valley West residents have long requested a community center and enhanced park facilities… we recommend a study on the health of Valley West residents be done before and after the facilities are built. The added benefits and programs the park and community center would provide can provide a solid study of the health and happiness of vulnerable communities like Valley West.”

Council moves to ease spiritual realizations via psychoactive ‘Entheogens’

A number of public speakers offered their stories of psychedelic-based recovery, and support for decriminalization. “Sometimes medicine can be a drug, and sometimes drugs can be a medicine,” said one speaker. Many stressed the value of strengthening spirituality via renewed connections with nature.

CSU/HSU requiring vaccination for faculty, staff and students

Because of evolving circumstances, the university is announcing the pending requirement now without waiting for any further action by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. Dates by which faculty, staff and students must certify vaccination will vary by campus due to differences in academic calendars, but all certifications must be completed no later than September 30.