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Arcata Police Log: Varying grades of chicanery to suit any malefactor’s ambition and budget

2:26 p.m. Science tells us that the only known faster-than-light phenomena in the universe are hypothetical tachyons and the speed at which a slithy tove removes purses, wallets and debit/credit cards from an unlocked vehicle. The latest victim, on 24th Street, discovered and immediately reported the theft, but the tachyon-tove had already squandered her funds on toys and candy.

McKinleyville could help supply Trinidad water

Under the proposal, the Humboldt Bay Municipal Water District would sell water directly to the Trinidad Rancheria, but the water would pass through McKinleyville’s pipelines, which extend to the Dow’s Prairie area. A new pipeline would need to be built from the northern end of McKinleyville up the casino,. located south of Trinidad.