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Man arrested on false imprisonment charges following McKinleyville SWAT response

Crisis negotiators continued to attempt contact with Brucklacher for approximately four more hours until a search warrant was obtained to make entry into the residence. Utilizing a robot, deputies were able to determine Brucklacher’s location inside. Just after 12:30 a.m., SWAT deputies deployed tear gas into the residence and Brucklacher surrendered to deputies. Neither deputies, Brucklacher or the public were injured during this incident. The female victim sustained minor injuries from Brucklacher.

Trinidad Tidings: Coastal Festival is now virtual; council discusses trail connections

The Dispersed Trinidad Coastal Festival planned for Saturday, Sept. 26 and featured in last week’s column, has been changed to a virtual event which visitors can enjoy on the Trinidad Coastal Land Trust Facebook page. The Trinidad Coastal Land Trust together with its multiple partners in the California Coastal National Monument Gateway group is dedicated

A blight of Measure F falsehoods from a league of extraordinary misleaders

“There is not enough room on this page to address the numerous misleading statements and untruths contained in the argument against Measure F. We are saddened the author has not taken time to learn extremely important facts before taking such a negative position on something as important as the safety of our community.”