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McKinleyville Town Center planning kicked up to county level

Jack Durham Mad River Union McKINLEYVILLE – After nearly a year and a half of public meetings about the McKinleyville Town Center, the McKinleyville Municipal Advisory Committee voted unanimously March 31 to direct the Humboldt County Planning Department to create a draft land use ordinance for the heart of the community. The vote brings to

Bottoms grow project sees pivotal changes overnight

A new project description in a Notice of Public Hearing for the special April 22 Planning Commission meeting on the ALC proposal describes an 8-acre project, far reduced from the original 22.9 acre plan. The newly reformulated project consists of 2.3 acres of outdoor light deprivation cultivation and 5.7 acres in new greenhouses.

Unique “Corpse Flower” blooms in HSU Greenhouse

“The corpse flower is a unique and valuable addition to any university’s teaching greenhouse,” says HSU Botany instructor Stefani Brandt. “For my labs in Plant Taxonomy, I use the corpse flower as a prime example of how species adapt to attract quality pollinators in order to successfully reproduce.”

April sees streaming shows at the Playhouse

Arcata Playhouse ARCATA – Arcata Playhouse hosts two live-streamed music performances with local artists in April.  After a successful trial run of the Arcata Playhouse four camera live-streaming system, the Playhouse is ready to hosts some lively and all live local streamed music shows in April. Starting with local sensation the SoHum Girls Band, an