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Letters to the Editor, May 20, 2020

Why did the request for funding of the Arcata Fire District fail? I’m sure there are various reasons the March 3 Measure R did not pass. It was not that a majority of the residence didn’t support the measure. Actually 63.7 percent of the residence voted for the measure. The requirement is two thirds or 66 percent. This worked out to be just 427 votes short or 3 percent. 

Arcata’s Mall of the Wild – the Jacoby Creek Forest

THERE’S GOT TO BE a better nickname for the amazing and newly expanded Jacoby Creek Forest (JCF). But none better suited to its status as a sanctuary for the wild animal-Americans with whom we share A-town. Clockwise from top left, a Red-tailed hawk (Buteo jamaicensis); two views of a fisher (Pekania pennanti), video of which may be viewed here; and finally, a ghostly mountain lion or cougar (Puma concolor). Home to many splendid beasts and their fragile habitat, the JCF isn’t open to the public except for occasional limited, city-guided walks. Photos courtesy Michael McDowall | City of Arcata Environmental Services

HSU seeking mix of in-person, cyber instruction for fall classes

Development of HSU’s proposal has involved significant consultation on campus, including with faculty groups, student leaders, staff, union representatives, and many others. In addition, President Jackson has consulted extensively with local health officials, community leaders, educators, and the local business community. His goal, he says, is to ensure close cooperation with the community if the University is able to go ahead with its plans for the fall.

Jacoby Creek Forest expands by 114 acres

The expansion was made possible thanks to over $1.5 million dollars in funding provided by the California Department of Fish and Wildlife Proposition 1 Watershed Restoration Grant Program, the CAL FIRE Forest Legacy-California Climate Investments Program, the California Natural Resources Agency’s Environmental Enhancement and Mitigation Grant Program, the City of Arcata and local donations made to the Humboldt Area Foundation’s Arcata Forest Fund.