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Tax perks incentivize proper pot farm practices

Tax perks incentivize proper pot farm practices

Daniel Mintz Mad River Union ​HUMBOLDT – Humboldt County’s management of cannabis farming will soon include a reward-oriented approach to encourage solar energy use, road upgrades and smaller-scale cultivation. ​Giving excise tax reductions to improve environmental protection was outlined at the November 19 Board of Supervisors meeting. Although the incentives, if widely pursued, could reduce

Staff costs could ‘devour’ Measure Z funds

Daniel Mintz Mad River Union HUMBOLDT – Humboldt County’s Board of Supervisors is facing what the chair of the Measure Z Advisory Committee has called a “powerful policy decision” on the spending of public safety tax revenue. ​The dilemmas of declining Measure Z sales tax revenue and the increasing amount of ongoing personnel costs were

Construction trades, Terra-Gen sign labor pact for Humboldt Wind Project

Humboldt Del Norte Building & Construction Trades News Release Humboldt Del Norte Building & Construction Trades Sign Project Labor Agreement with Terra-Gen  The Humboldt Wind Project will be built with union labor. EUREKA – Humboldt Del Norte Building & Construction Trades announce a project labor agreement with Terra-Gen that guarantees the Humboldt Wind Project will

‘Legend’ film debuts at Minor Theatre as actors watch themselves watching movie at Minor

SUNDAY SCREENING TK Film Studios’ latest feature, A Legend in His Time debuted on the big screen at the Minor Theatre Sunday, Nov. 24. In a very meta move, extras who’d helped populate crowd scenes during a July 16 shoot at the theatre watched themselves acting as an audience watching a movie at the theatre. Below left, Director Tim Rossi served popcorn. Middle, extras mill about outside during the film. Right, Kyle Orr (“Peter Gizz”) and Producer Katie Rossi. Photos by KLH | Union

Love, loss and revelation in Blue Lake

Dell’Arte International BLUE LAKE – Share an evening with five actor-creators as they transform into vivid physical characters, whose stories of love, loss and revelation unfold within a richly imagined theatrical world. Performances are Thursday, Dec. 5, Friday, Dec. 6 and Saturday, Dec. 7 at 8 p.m.  in the Carlo Theatre, 131 H St., Blue