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The Hum ~ 5/17 ~ How does this work?

The Hum ~ 5/17 ~ How does this work?

It may seem like there’s no rhyme or reason to this column, but there is in fact a method. It starts with gathering information. In the not too distant past, when the Hum was conceived as a grab bag of cultural events, there was no Facebook, no real internet, few people used email, instead they

The Hum ~ 5/10 ~ Mothers etc.

Back in my restaurant days, I had to be prepared for Mother’s Day. Moms get the day off, at least theoretically, and everyone goes out to Sunday brunch and/or dinner. It’s good for business—in fact, typically the busiest day of the year. Another big day is when kids graduate from college and parents come to

The Hum ~ Simonized

Humboldt loves a good tribute. We have a plethora of tribute bands from Silver Hammer’s Beatles tribute to Pink Floyd covers from Money, Naive Melodies doing Talking Heads, and of course, multiple deadicated Grateful Dead tribute lineups including The Miracle Show, Play Dead, Rosewater and others. Then there are the major artist tributes: Chris Parreira’s

The Hum ~ A Fool’s Errand

This week the Union celebrates fools. While the news section has some sort of ironic “fake” news, here in the “Scene” we’re always full of foolishness and fool’s errands. Face it, for most people, music and art are not considered serious vocations. Fools are there to entertain us, to put on parties and fests of

The Hum ~ 3/8 ~ What’s New?

What’s new? I woke up this morning thinking about that word: new, and the news. This column isn’t generally “news” oriented, focusing instead on things that are supposed to happen in the future. “We are all interested in the future, for that is where you and I are going to spend the rest of our