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The HUM: Trippin’ with Seabury ‘and more’

The HUM: Trippin’ with Seabury ‘and more’

  The Hum never ends, it just keeps humming along. This week I picked up a last-minute item Friday night. After making the rounds at Arts! Arcata, hearing a touch of Striped Pig, then Jon Humboldt Gates’ intense reading at Northtown Book, and closing down the Arcata Exchange (with the CR Big Band), “and more,”

The HUM: Out Front with Front Country

What’s in a name? As a band name, Front Country was supposed to offer an alternative to “back country” to indicate their roots in the more or less urban San Francisco Bay Area where they got their start.  But after moving to Nashville, it perhaps changed its meaning. “We do have ‘Country’ in the name,

The HUM: Fall colors

It’s early October, the time of year where leaves turn fall colors and you can find Halloween costumes on the same aisle as early Xmas decorations in holiday-conscious stores. Since we’re in Humboldt County, the first weekend of this month means at least a couple of things.  First, it’s time for Pastels on the Plaza.