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Gal in the Galley: Huddyglo album features charming, dreamy melodies

Gal in the Galley: Huddyglo album features charming, dreamy melodies

All of Huddyglo’s catalogue, including Sports and his previous albums, are up on Spotify; Sports is also available for free on Soundcloud. The beautiful videos for Be My Sequencer and Trip on My Tongue are also labors of love, and well worth a watch, both as works of art and also to see what the kids are up to – look them up on YouTube.

Dell’Arte’s Mad River Festival canceled

For the past 30 years we have gathered in the summer on the lawn of Dell’Arte’s amphitheatre to come together as a community to laugh, listen, sing, celebrate, and see things from around the world and down the block that we’ve never seen before anywhere. It is an experience that we hope engenders solidarity, empathy, understanding, and provides new windows and apertures for us to see into who we are as a community.

Dell’Arte Tragedy, Clown and Thesis Projects go electronic

Dell’Arte International BLUE LAKE – Dell’Arte International is expanding its online season by adding a series of student performances to the schedule, including the annual Tragedy, Clown and Thesis Projects. While sheltering in place, students have creatively and collectively adapted these culminating performances of their school year to online media.   “While we can’t offer the

Union unmasks massive Corona-spiracy

The Union probe turned up a number of other “random events” that presaged the onset of the plague, these being restriping of the crosswalk at Roberts Way and Wyatt Lane, installation of a new soda machine outside the Trinidad Chevron station and the burnout of a lighted floor button in HSU’s Theatre Arts Building elevator.

The HUM: Viral cancellation – musicians unemployed; businesses struggle as world shuts down

Excuse me if the Hum is a bit different this week, we’re living through different, difficult times. Normally I spend the first part of the week gathering information about things coming up in the week ahead so that you make plans. Last week, instead, I was fielding notices of canceled events, one after another.  Pretty