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Phillips House Museum at a standstill

WORKING STIFFS, April 1 –  The ladies of Phillips House Museum have announced a work stoppage as they organize a new union chapter at Arcata’s history haven. Not the ladies and gents of the Historical Sites Society of Arcata, who staff the exhibit-packed museum, but the mannequins who model fashions of yesteryear amid the antiques there.

A confusing case at the Community Center

  CAPS SNAFU When the Arcata Ladies Orchid Society held the most exclusive affair of the season, its annual Gala Festival, at the Community Center last week, they found it attended by those with more interest in partying heartily to celebrate Mother Earth than extolling the glories of Phragmipedium schlimii or Phalaenopsis violacea f. coerulea.

The Passing Of Rasta John

Rob Hepburn Special to the Union With one long dreadlock down his back, Rasta John greeted people on the streets of Northtown Arcata with the words “Positive” and  “IRIE” for over 30 years. We were both Vietnam War veterans; he an Army Artillery Man and I a Marine; but we never talked about the war;