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Bayside Corners: Bayside, ground zero for Zero Waste

Bayside Corners: Bayside, ground zero for Zero Waste

It may surprise you to hear that Bayside has been really important for the local Zero Waste movement. Why? Meet Maggie Gainer! Maggie moved in to her Bayside home on Christmas of 1978. She founded a community development and waste reduction consulting firm in 1985 and served as Director of HSU’s Office for Economic and

Trinidad Tidings: Art in Westhaven, a ‘Celebration of Love’ in Trinidad and a new exhibit

Westhaven Center for the Arts has a new acting director, Joli Einem.  She announced a new program, the Emerging Artists Gallery, to promote young artists.  The first exhibit will be “Through the Looking Glass: Introducing Young Icons of the Future.”   WCA seeks a new treasurer. Interested applicants may contact Joli at (707) 834-2479, or

Kirsten’s Kitchen: Homemade enchilada sauce tastes so much better than the factory business

Coming late in life to Mexican food has only made it more of a favorite for me. Next to mashed potatoes and pizza, it is one of my favorite comfort foods, especially enchiladas.  Loteria Grill at The Grove in Los Angeles (sadly no longer there) introduced me to the various rojo salsas that could be

OBITUARY: John Craig Wilson Sr., Jan. 6, 1946 – Dec. 1, 2020

John is survived by his wife Partice Wilson, his children John Wilson Jr (Peggy),  Jana Rainwater, Billy Rainwater, and Mina Smith; his stepdaughter Renee McCaghren (Ted); his siblings Clarence Wilson, Dan Wilson, Sandy Trammel, and Chuck Wilson; grandchildren Courtney Wilson, Jeremey Wilson, Ryleigh Rainwater, Valya Rainwater-Schumacher (Martin), as well as Kenzie and Kole McCaghren.