Candidates’ Campaign Coffers Revealed

Daniel Mintz
Mad River Union

HUMBOLDT –  Former County Prosecutor Maggie Fleming, the frontrunner in the district attorney race, has raised $118,000 for her campaign – more than twice that of her most viable opponent, County Prosecutor Elan Firpo.

Campaign finances for the period between March 18 and May 17 were submitted late last week, with Fleming emerging as the county’s most well-funded candidate. She raised over $56,000 in the reporting period, about $38,000 of it in cash.

Fleming’s funding includes many small-scale donations and a range of larger contributions, with a $2,500 contribution from the county’s Deputy Sheriffs Organization’s Political Action Committee being the most attention-getting. 

Firpo has raised $44,409, with $30,429 of it in cash. She raised about $24,000 in the reporting period and had a balance of about $8,700.

Her leading contributors include herself – she donated $3,000 – and Neal Ewald, senior vice president of the Green Diamond Resource company, who contributed $2,500 and loaned $2,500.

Timber companies are well-represented in Firpo’s campaign financing – in addition to Ewald’s donation, she received $250 from Barnum Timber, $500 from Humboldt Redwood Company and $500 from Sierra Pacific Industries.

The rest of Firpo’s funding comes from a mix of small- to mid-scale businesses and residents of various areas of the county.

Fleming had more to spend leading up to the June 3 election – her balance was $12,960.

Former County Prosecutor Alan Dollison raised a total of $34,440 with a $5,504 balance. He loaned his campaign about $24,000 and the rest of his funding is mostly made up of individual donations of $500 or less.

Also in the race is former County Prosecutor Arnie Klein, whose finance reports were not available the day after the May 22 filing deadline.

In the Fifth District supervisorial race, incumbent Supervisor Ryan Sundberg has raised a total of $43,722, most of it amassed during the latest filing period. His balance was $38,326.

Sundberg’s leading contributors are the Los Angeles-based California Association of Realtors ($1,500), the Hoopa Valley tribe ($2,500), the county’s Deputy Sheriffs Organization ($2,500) and the McKinleyville-based Hooven and Company ($1,100).

His challenger, Sharon Latour, raised $13,824 – which was also her ending balance due to a lack of spending through May 17. She had $8,359 in unpaid bills, however.

Her largest donations include a $3,000 donation to herself, $1,000 from Central Labor Council of Humboldt and Del Norte counties and $1,000 from Peter Martin, an attorney specializing in civil liberties cases.


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