CAF: The Alchemical Equation of Cookie and Chip

Companion AnimalsI come to you this day with news of a great success, of an experiment surpassing all expectations! A few days past I gathered the moxie to try my hand at one of my great-great-great-great-great-grandmama’s recipes, but my ancestor was not some simple pie-cooking, teapot-coddling, pillow-crocheting housewife, but  a scientist, sorcerer, chef and a cat-loving matriarch, and her great passion was bringing her magical feline familiars into this world. This particular recipe – or perhaps spell is more suiting – comes from a tome that has been secretly passed down through my family ever since my crafty gran purloined it during a battle with the witch-queen Boudica (curse the godforsaken Celts!). I present you to The Alchemical Equation of Cookie and Chip, and I sit here petting my two lovely companions as proof of its validity!

Begin with astragalus powder,

filling the shell of snail,

dampen the dust with shavings of rust,

and water melted from hail.



A pinch of aged skullcap,

mixed with volcanic ash,

stir outside when sunny with thick globs of honey,

singing lullabies whilst your hands mash.

Steal the genius of a raven,

while his back is turned,

snatch the passion of fire burning bright in a mire,

but careful not to get burned.

Bargain sweetness from honeysuckle,

win love from a bear,

to get a fuzzy kitten with whom all will be smitten,

you must sacrifice half of your hair!

To make them grow strong,

chop in wood from a ship,

bury the mixture in roses so they will grow classy noses,

and in three days meet Cookie and Chip!

Cookie and Chip are two beautiful brothers who will be neutered prior to adoption. If you want to learn more about these kittens (or our many other ones!) please give us a call at (707) 826-7387 or visit our thrift store at 88 Sunny Brae Center in Arcata. You can also email  [email protected], visit, or check out Companion Animal Foundation on Facebook.


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