Bugtown: Wigglesome wrigglers need love too – won’t you help?

Mara with another cuddly adoptee, a plus-sized senior silverfish she’s named Centrum.

Looking for a low-maintenance pet? Blue and Sparkle are a bonded pair and we’d like them to stay together. 

They came to the County Bug Shelter after the home that they lived in had been condemned. Unfortunately no family members came forward to claim them. 

These little cuties are perfect for Humboldt County! 

They don’t mind the damp and can easily be fed with things that you already have around the house. 

No need for expensive bedding or crates either; these two will happily settle into the cracks in your walls. Being nocturnal, they are the perfect pet for you night owls. 

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Blue and Sparkle don’t need to be walked; they are able to get all the exercise they need scurrying from the bathroom to the kitchen! 

Should you accidentally step on them, there’s no need to worry about vet bills as they can regenerate their lower bodies and antennae all by themselves. 

Blue & Sparkle

Blue is a little bigger than Sparkle. He is happy to share a good book with you. 

Sparkle is happiest helping out in the kitchen. She particularly likes checking out the flour and sugar containers. 

Please contact us if you would like to meet this pair. They two are available for adoption now. For more information please email [email protected]



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