Book Beat: ‘Water and Stone’ a tonic for trying times

ARCATA –  In this fractured world, a new book by award-winning haiku poet and artist Annette Makino provides a dose of Zen wisdom and humor. Water and Stone: Ten Years of Art and Haiku is a full-color collection that spans a decade of Makino’s joyous paintings and evocative poems. 

“As I celebrated 10 years as a working artist this year, I decided to publish a book of the best of my art and haiku over that time,” Makino said. “Locals will recognize many beloved Humboldt landscapes like Moonstone Beach, the Klamath River and Redwood National Park, plus native plants and animals.”

Water and Stone features fifty haiga – artworks combined with haiku – painted with Japanese watercolors and sumi ink. In the first full-length collection of her art and haiku, Makino finds beauty and meaning in the everyday world, be it the rhythm of ocean waves, the bittersweet joys of parenting, or a traumatized rescue dog.

A painting of a foggy College Cove includes this haiku:

fog-shrouded coast
we listen
to the view 

Sprinkled throughout the collection are 15 haibun – autobiographical prose pieces that include haiku. While deeply personal, these touch on universal themes such as the quest for meaningful work, finding love, raising a family, growing older, and considering our place in the world.

Annette Makino

Stephen Addiss, author of The Art of Haiku, has praised the book, saying, “With the publication of Water and Stone, Annette Makino takes her place among the leaders of haiku painting (haiga).” 

Makino is an award-winning haiku poet and artist based in Arcata who combines Japanese-inspired paintings and collages with her poems. 

Her work has appeared in the leading English-language haiku and haiga journals and anthologies. Makino’s poems have won honors in the Touchstone Awards, the Henderson Haiku Contest, the Brady Senryu Contest, the Porad Haiku Award and the Jane Reichhold International Prize, among others.  

Through the art business she founded in 2011, Makino Studios, she shares her haiga and offers prints, greeting cards and calendars of her art.

Published in 2021 by Makino Studios, Water and Stone is perfect bound, 8x10, 124 pages, in color. 

It is available at local book stores and other retail outlets.


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