Bohn backs off ‘In God We Trust’ proposal

Daniel Mintz
Mad River Union

HUMBOLDT – A supervisor’s proposal to install a sign reading “In God We Trust” in the Board of Supervisors chambers has been withdrawn in response to public criticism and lawsuit concerns.facebook-like-button

Board Chair Rex Bohn’s proposed resolution supporting the signage was removed from the agenda of the Nov. 4 meeting. The resolution states that as a national motto, the “inspiring slogan” is “patriotic” and serves to “express confidence in society.”

Rex Bohn

Rex Bohn

Part of an overall effort by a group called In God We Trust America Inc., the proposed sign installation was met with an immediate lawsuit threat and Bohn said he got eight emails objecting to it. 

Response to the proposal also included “a letter from county counsel,” he continued.

“It is not a battle that I want to fight right now and I don’t think we should fight it,” Bohn said.

The county was warned of the idea’s lawsuit potential in a letter from Peter Martin, the attorney who filed lawsuits against the City of Eureka for holding invocations at council meetings and supporting “prayer breakfasts” hosted by the mayor.facebook-like-button

Invocations with overt Christian themes had formerly been agendized and performed at Board of Supervisors meetings. But the practice was ceased without notice, explanation or apparent public reaction several years ago.



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