Blue Lake pursues fireworks law

Patrick Evans
Mad River Union

BLUE LAKE – Blue Lake residents will have to take their afternoon delight without skyrockets if the Blue Lake City Council approves a fireworks ordinance this year.

The ordinance would establish city policy toward illegal fireworks and give deputies the ability to enforce firework regulations, according to City Manager Amanda Mager.

Blue Lake currently lacks an ordinance regulating fireworks, although prospective Guy Fawkeses can expect a visit from CalFire or the Sheriff’s Department enforcing state and county laws.

The council was prompted to draw up the new ordinance after Fourth of July got out of hand this year Mager said. Explosions went on past 4 a.m. traumatizing pets, wildlife and livestock.

“We had horses running through pastures… we had lots of animals that were really scared,” Mager said.

Daily and nightly bombardment continues. Pyromaniac bang makers regularly rock the river valley with illegal fusillades and light up the night with aerial explosives lobbed by mortars. Pinpointing concussive culprits is difficult as booms bounce down the valley confusing law enforcement and residents.

The council hopes an ordinance would give prospective pyros clear rules to follow and discourage use of illegal fireworks.

“No one wants to rain on anyone’s Fourth of July parade, but it reinforces that fireworks need to comply with legal standards,” Mager said.


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