Blue Lake Notes: They who are up the road now have a code – a Municipal Code

CODEMAKERS The women who codified Blue Lake: City Councilmember Elizabeth Mackay; City Clerk April Sousa; Councilmember Summer Daugherty; Mayor Pro Tem Bobbi Ricca; Mayor Adelene Jones; and Councilmember Jean Lynch. Submitted photo

There is some exciting news for the City of Blue Lake. At the last City Council meeting, the first official Municipal Code was adopted.

The Municipal Code is a compilation of the ordinances, or laws, of the city into one document that is easily accessible for the community.  If citizens want to find out information about dog regulations within the city, they will be able to search the code, online. Regulations regarding zoning, building, and even the different commissions of the city can also be found with ease.

Speaking of city commissions, the Parks and Recreation Commission will have three seats vacant and the Economic Development Commission will have two seats vacant as of Jan. 31.

The Public Safety Commission continues to have one seat vacant, and will continue to be vacant until filled. These are great opportunities for citizens to get involved in their communities!

Speaking of involvement, a special community walk has been scheduled for Friday, Jan. 26 from 8:30 a.m. to 11 a.m, starting at the Logger Bar, located at 510 Railroad Ave. in Blue Lake. The purpose of this community walk is to observe safety issues along Hatchery Road in Blue Lake and in the County.

If you walk, ride a bike, or ride a horse, you’re input is sought during this Community Walk and Observation.  Coffee, tea and snacks will be provided. There will also be a special input session regarding the safety of Hatchery Road on Saturday, Jan 27 from 3 to 5 p.m.  These opportunities will help make the community a safer place for recreation and to live.

Another wonderful community oriented opportunity made available thanks to Food for People and the Blue Lake Resource Center is the monthly produce truck offering. Food for People will bring out a truck full of free produce for the community on the fourth Thursday of every month from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. The next one will be on Thursday, Jan. 25. There is no income requirement to receive the produce, and as a citizen, I have been lucky enough to partake in this offering for the past three months, and it has forced me to try out new veggie dishes. Last month I made the most amazing Potato-Leek soup as well as Napa Cabbage rolls; something I would not been able to do had I not been given two heads of Napa Cabbage and two very large leeks! So if you live in Blue Lake, and you haven’t checked out the produce truck yet, come by this month!

And for those of you who were interested in last week’s rock painting and activity, it was AMAZING, and we will do it again. Our little fun committee is thinking perhaps every four to six weeks, so keep your eyes out end of February time frame as we offer this again.

It’s activities such as these that reminds us that Blue Lake is such a special place.


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