Blue Lake Notes: Take an evening stroll

Last week, I spent practically every evening walking with my little dog, Mushu. Even though we are being asked to “shelter in place” there are some things we can still do. 

Walking, getting exercise, and enjoying what our town has to offer is one of those things that is still available to us every day.

Of course, there are some guidelines – remember to make every attempt to stay six feet or more apart from others who are out and about, bring a mask if you are worried that you may not be able to do this, and don’t gather in groups down by the river. 

The levee loop trail is absolutely gorgeous these days, with luscious green filling every tree and most of the trail. Watch out for the green poison oak though – easily disguised within the other patches of foliage on the trail.

This week’s shout outs first go to the Public Works Crew of Blue Lake. Glenn Bernald, Hal Burris, Jacob Meng, and Skyler Coke (helped by Parks and Recreation Director Nathan Sailor) keep our water and wastewater infrastructure working at top notch, even during these uncertain times. 

You can help them out by remembering that the only kind of paper that should be flushed down our toilets is toilet paper – items like paper towels, baby wipes, and the so-called “flushable” wipes should never be flushed down any system. Thanks, Public Works, for your dedication to this essential work!

Next, I’d like to do a shout out to another business. It’s hard out there, and most are doing all they can to continue to not only stay open, but to keep their employees working and paid, and to support the community. 

The Mad River Brewery is now offering food and beer orders for pick up. You can call (707) 668-4151 to order off their adjusted menu of food and beer. Mad River Brewery is having a deal on kegs, and asks that if you order a keg to please send an email one day in advance to [email protected]. 

They are open from noon to 6:30 p.m. daily! Thanks, Mad River Brewing, for giving us another food and drink option to support during this time. I may need to pick up a case of Steelhead or a growler of Cherry Cider for my next virtual happy hour with friends.

See you all around town Blue Lake!





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