Blue Lake Notes: Slow down in the peaceable hamlet

It’s that time of year again – school is now in session, and that means long pants, sweaters and cooler weather. I want to remind everyone to be extra vigilant now that school is in session as you drive through town. The truck route goes right through our little town, and right next to the school – but that doesn’t mean that everyone needs to drive faster than the speed limit. While it says 25 mph on the sign, consider slowing it down even more to 20 or 15 mph while going past the school.  Help us to keep our children safe.

And with the start of school also comes a fresh new start for other community groups and organizations as well. The Wha-Nika Women’s Club will begin their meetings on the second Thursday of September, and will be sponsoring the school with a special school supply drive. If any community members want to participate, bring your donations of high quality school items – Ticonderoga pencils, Crayola crayons or markers or colored pencils, Elmer’s Glue, etc. – to City Hall any time before Sept. 12.

Lastly, just want to write a little tidbit about an update at the Post Office. As a small town, the Post Office is sort of the hub or meeting place for most of the town, as we do not receive mail service to our homes. If you are like me, and sometimes take a good week to ten days to pick up your mail, then you may not have seen the new extra large boxes that are now present when you first walk into the door. These boxes offer faster service to customers who receive small and midsized packages, and especially when packages are received on the weekends.

If you have a package stored in one of these boxes, you will have a key to open the box it is being stored in. I know, it may seem small and simple, but sometimes in a small town, the simple is important! I myself enjoyed the fact that I picked up my mail after hours, and could also pick up my package, instead of waiting for the next day! So convenient!

So, welcome back to the school year and happy fall.




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