Blue Lake Notes: ‘Put a lid on it’

The Mad River Grange continues to work on raising money for a new roof. Anyone can donate to the “Put a lid on it” campaign to help raise funds for the roof. 

The Grange hopes to be able to put the new roof on this year. I’m also pleased to announce that the Grange has secured a grant for a new oven. The poor oven has been a little sick over the past year, and a new one has been sorely needed, but the roof has taken priority. 

The Grange kitchen committee is working diligently to get the new oven and appropriate upgrades completed soon.

Lastly, the Grange will soon be the owner of a pizza oven. The Mad River Old Crows has been working on this project and some donations are still needed to make this project a reality.

In February, the Grange breakfast will be a special fundraiser for this project, and there will even be some information for the public to view.

Mad River Scramble

In just a few short weeks, a portion of the open land in the Powers Creek District will be transformed into a mountain bike pump track for the Mad River Scramble event.

The idea is to see how many times a rider can go through this muddy obstacle track in a specific amount of time. This event is a special fundraiser for the Friends of the Annie and Mary Rail Trail, and will take place on Saturday, Feb. 16 at 11 a.m. Cost is $30 per entry. More information still to come!

Chamber of Commerce news

The Barn Dance was a huge success with a pie contest, dancing, drinks provided by the grange, and just absolute fun for the whole family. 

Keep your eyes peeled for new and exciting events offered by the Chamber of Commerce, and for those of you wondering, the date of this year’s Annie and Mary Day has not been set yet, but rest assured, when it is, I will make sure to get that information out to you.

Enjoy these few sunny days we are having before the rain returns. It’s nice to be able to get a break in the much needed rain drops we’ve had.



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