Blue Lake Notes: Making the best of these times

Since this crisis began, many have taken to working on projects and activities we may have seen during past crisis: victory gardening, learning to bake bread, and raising livestock at home.

I know I’m not the only one with a more promising garden this year from years past and a new flock of hens (greetings from Abigail, Sophia, Zoe, Precious, and Lady Di as they eat from their chicknic table).

I’m reminded that we aren’t through all this – places are opening up at an almost rapid pace. We can more freely go get our hair cut, dine-in at restaurants, and shop other businesses that were previously closed. 

I hope that even during this time of reopening, we all remember to stay safe. Only go out if you need to, and when at all possible, hang out at home. If you must go out, don’t forget your mask.

I admit, it is a little interesting to see the new fashion that masks have created. I would also like to continue my appreciation for those in the medical field who will continue to help those suffering from this virus. Healthcare workers from all over deserve 10 gold stars for their dedication and diligence. 

Speaking of “reopening” – Camp Perigot started on June 22. Please contact the Parks and Recreation Department of the City of Blue Lake to see if there are still spaces available. 

You can do this by emailing the Recreation Director at  [email protected] or call (707) 668-5932. While physical distancing requirements are still in effect to help ensure the safety of all participants and staff, this camp is sure to be the social outlet that our children need this summer! 

Keep up the positive vibes, Blue Lake.