Blue Lake Notes: Is There A Troll Under the Bridge?

What can I say except Blue Lake is an exceptional community. Every day there are amazing stories that take place – so who’s ready for some good news?

During the last week of August, the sun was out, and the community began the day abuzz with energy as everyone participated in one of four city sponsored green waste days.

As many of us took advantage of this opportunity, an emergency notice went out on all the social media sites about a missing child in Blue Lake. 

What happened next made my heart swell with community pride. Everyone began looking for this child. Those of us still doing green waste day, slowed way down and searched from our cars as we traveled back and forth with our full loads. 

There were community members on bikes, walking, and calling out, all trying to find this lost child. 

It truly takes a village, and four hours later, the child was found safe and the community rejoiced.

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Another bit of good news is an update on the Annie and Mary Trail that is being constructed from Chartin to Hatchery alongside South Railroad.

This has been a project in the works for a long time, and it is so amazing to see it come to fruition. Once it is complete, this will be a safe trail to go from one side of town to the other, passing by the park, the museum, and City Hall. I know I am excited for the finished product!

Is There A Troll Under the Bridge?

Finally, many of you may remember back in February when I mentioned a very special writing contest featuring our new bridge that crosses Powers Creek. 

This bridge over Powers Creek was named Scotty Harnden Bridge by the City of Blue Lake in early 2020, honoring a longtime City of Blue Lake Public Works employee. 

In February, the City of Blue Lake and Blue Lake Elementary School partnered with a writing contest where the third and fourthgrade classes of 2020 created tales about a troll under the Bridge over Powers Creek: Is There A Troll Under the Bridge?

These fables were compiled into a book, and through the generous donation of the city, the school, Blue Lake Chamber of Commerce and Humboldt County supervisor for the region, Mike Wilson, it is now available for the public for only $10 at City Hall. 

I was able to get a special copy of this book, and I wanted to encourage you to pick up your copy today. The creative stories from our young people brought me joy and the pictures that accompany each story really bring a special brightness to the book. 

Thank you to City Economic Development Planner Susan Ornelas for encouraging me to read this original and inspirational book of sweet stories from the children of this community. Please, get yours today!

Thank you Blue Lake for being a shining beacon of positivity and a community of caring people. Until next time.



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